Facebook Marketing Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Game

Facebook isn’t just a place to post cute kid pictures or funny cat videos, it’s also a great place to expand your real estate marketing reach by interacting with clients and the local community. However, knowing how to use Facebook effectively to market your real estate business can be tricky. There is a fine line between promoting your business in a fun, informative way, and being viewed as an annoying salesperson.

If you’re using a Facebook profile page for your real estate business, make sure to organize your followers into lists and designate who can see your posts. This way, you can easily share personal posts with friends, targeted posts with clients, and marketing posts with the public.

If you’re using a Facebook business page, make sure to take advantage of their real estate advertising and marketing tools. Create targeted ads to promote your page or boost a particular post to people in your area. Also, create a call-to-action button to take visitors directly to a contact page, website, or video with just one click.

Always follow the 80/20 rule. This means sharing entertainment, lifestyle, and personal interest posts 80% of the time, and direct marketing posts 20% of the time. No one wants to follow a page that is all sales all the time, not even you, so keep your followers interested by posting a wide variety of quality content.

Get personal by posting updates on your involvement with local charities, community activities, sporting events, local causes, and other small businesses. Show how engaged and involved you are with the local community while also showing potential clients how much there is to do and see in your particular area.

Don’t get too personal. Stay away from topics that are political, overly opinionated, or biased in any sort of way. Keep posts focused on real estate, decorating, landscaping, community news, and local events to appeal to a wider range of interests.

When posting listings, keep them short, simple, and focused. Always add an updated picture, but stay away from showing entire house tours. Announce the new listing with an address, price, key features, and link to your website for more info. Followers are more likely to share simple, attractive posts.

After selling a house, post pictures of the new homeowners with a congratulatory message. Make sure they know you’ll be posting it, and if they don’t agree, suggest taking a picture of their hands holding the keys instead. Most clients won’t mind and will end up sharing the post themselves, which is a great way to meet new clients!

Stay in touch with past clients by posting things that will keep them interested long after the papers are signed. Create new homeowner contests, list home improvement ideas, add links to area events, and provide local merchant reviews.

Finally, your Facebook real estate marketing plan will only succeed if you post at least 3-5 times a day, create professional header and profile photos, and always add eye-catching pictures to every post.

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