Getting the Most Out of Guest Blogging

Writing guest blog posts for someone else’s site, or using guest bloggers on your site, is an effective way to interact with other like-minded professionals and to connect with new audiences. However, using guest blogging as part of your overall marketing strategy needs to be done right, or not done at all.

Quality Content is Still Top Dog

Creating relevant blog content and interacting with social media followers are two of the best ways to attract clients and keep them engaged in your business message. More than ever, quality content is still the Top Dog when it comes to online marketing success. Most people online today are savvy and can smell a fake a mile away, so content must always be relevant, informative, and highly focused on useful and interesting topics. This is also true when it comes to guest blogging. No matter who is writing your blog content, it needs to be original, well-written, and content-driven, or it is just a waste of digital space.

Beware of the Bottom Feeders

Many blogs exist solely to sell advertising, to create endless links back to useless pages, or to produce nothing but spam-laden content. Google considers these sites as low-quality bottom feeders, and being associated with them through guest blogging can negatively affect your search rankings. These sites will do nothing but hurt your legitimacy, so stay far away from them. Things to watch for include:

  • An excessive amount of advertising.
  • Too many highlighted links within the text.
  • Unengaged or uninspiring social media presence.
  • A high number of grammatical errors (usually indicating that a non-native English speaker was paid a few pennies to write the content).
  • Spam offers of cheap guest blogging or link building services. These are just scam artists and should be ignored.

Finding Your Blogging Tribe

While there are a lot of awful blogs in the blogosphere, there are also plenty of legitimate ones that were created by real people trying to market their business, just like you. These are the people that you want to create a blogging relationship with. Search out blogs with similar goals or interests and interact with them on social media. Read competitor blogs to see where they are posting their own guest posts. Look for businesses and blogs that are successfully promoting and marketing their skills in unique ways. Once you’ve identified who you want to develop a blogging relationship with, take the leap and just ask. The worst that could happen is that they say no, but you’ll probably be surprised how many people will say yes!

Rules of the Guest Blogging Game

Guest blogging is a great tool to add to your online marketing toolbox, but make sure to follow some simple ground rules of the blogging game:

  • Guest posts should be published no more than 2-to-4 times per month.
  • Content should be relevant to your overall blogging theme.
  • Posts should be original, of high quality, and not overloaded with links to products and services.
  • When using a guest blogger, only link back to their site in the author bio section.

By staying focused on your goals, being smart by not falling for scams, and following some common sense rules, guest blogging can help you to create relationships with mutual benefits with other bloggers and add interest and variety to your marketing strategy.

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