How to Create a Unique Decorating Style on a Budget

Budget decorating will inspire your own unique style!

When it comes to creating an attractive and comfortable room, you might think you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in order to achieve a well put together design look. While you certainly can do this if you have the financial means, you can also create beautifully decorated rooms on a very limited budget. All you need is some inspiration, an open mind, and a lot of creativity. Consider these ten budget-friendly tips and have fun creating unique, personalized rooms that represent your style, not a prepackaged, store bought one.

  1. Paint it! Paint is the do-all, end-all choice for changing the look of a room. You can create high drama with dark, contrasting colors or subtle elegance with just a hint of color. So, never be afraid to paint the walls, just make sure to test your colors before you commit to them.
  2. Yard sales and flea markets are still the best places to find inexpensive, hidden treasures. You will be amazed at the great things you can find at yard sales and flea markets at a fraction of the cost of what you would find in a store. While you may need to fix a few items to make them new again, keep an open mind and focus on each piece’s overall potential.
  3. Refinish it! Any piece of furniture can be given new life with a fresh layer of stain, a new coat of paint, or some reupholstered fabric. Even inexpensive pieces of furniture can be transformed into works of art with a little imagination.
  4. Look for decorating ideas in magazines, books, online, or on TV design shows. If you see something you like, try recreating it in your own home by making things yourself rather than buying them new.
  5. Rearrange it! You’ll be surprised how just moving the furniture around a little bit can create a brand new look and feel to a room. Incorporate items from different rooms to give an old room a fresh look.
  6. Change your style with the seasons. You can give each room a seasonal makeover by simply changing out the curtains, linens, pillows, pictures, rugs, and accessories. Keep each season’s pieces in a storage box for each season and rotate the items out when you feel like changing your environment.
  7. Sew it! Even if you think you can’t sew, you can easily make a wide variety of decorative items just from sewing a straight line (which is very easy to do, so give it a try). Pillows, curtains, table cloths, placemats, shower curtains, chair pads, and slipcovers can be expensive to buy, but very easy to make. Buy fabrics from the clearance racks or even transform old linens and clothes into new decorative items.
  8. Make your own wallpaper with paint and stamps. Instead of going to the hassle and expense of hanging wallpaper, create your own patterned look by stamping designs onto the wall using regular acrylic paint and rubber or foam stamps.
  9. Organize it! Nothing detracts from the beauty of your home more than clutter, so clean up your rooms by organizing and storing all your stuff and keeping everything out of sight until you need it.
  10. Bring nature inside. You can create so many great art pieces out of the things you can find in your own backyard. Gather together sticks, pinecones, leaves, rocks, shells, fruit, flowers, or anything else that catches your eye and arrange them in bowls or hang them on the wall. Experiment with spray painting these items to give them a cool and decorative new look.

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